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So you have an amazing product or service to sell, but you don't know how to promote it, or you find that it's too expensive to advertise it, or maybe you don't know how to target the right audience, don't worry we got the perfect solution for you.
with Mimailo we offer you a new marketing approach.
You probably know that the majority of websites includes a contact form, where you can get in touch with the owners, what if we use that medium to let you connect with your future customers, and tell them how your product is amazing.
all you have to do is to write a brilliant marketing message and choose your targeted business by country, technologies ...
And we take care of bringing it to millions of businesses.

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Launch a marketing campaign

Fill the form and press the start marketing campaign button to start a new marketing campaign.

Filter target

Filter the targets you are aiming to reach by choosing country and the technologies used.

Schedule a campaign

Take control, schedule a campaign to run whenever you want, daily, weekly, monthly or just for one time.

Get stats

Get stats about finished campaigns, number of forms submitted, know how much businesses reached.

Solving captcha automatically

Google recaptcha, image captcha, math captcah, are solved automatically with our app increasing the number of messages delivered. Learn more ..